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Earned $28.4M from $7400 budget in 1 month
The client is the WealthMark company. One of the largest companies in Australia selling investment property.
The task is to attract investors from Australia who are ready to buy real estate from $600,000. The desired bid price is $120.
We identified 4 segments of the target audience and made 12 creatives for each segment in order to immediately test working links.
Below you can see examples of creatives for Facebook and Instagram.
In Australia, a different mentality and direct sales do not work well there, therefore, with an expensive product, they make a lot of videos, where each briefly talks about 1-2 advantages of the product.
After the creatives were approved, we launched 3 strategies:
  1. transitions to the client's website in order to leave a request
  2. transitions to instagram, which were led by our managers
  3. lead generation within advertising through a lead form
As a result, strategies 1 and 3 showed themselves best. This can be seen from the screenshot of the advertising cabinet below. Instagram proved to be very weak, applications quickly rose in price, clicks were insanely expensive.
As you can see (see 1), the price of the application after the tests was more than 2 times lower than the desired one - $50 . Of course, there were unsuccessful links, but we quickly cut them off.

Spent advertising budget - 7381.46 $ (see 2)

We could get much more applications, but all sales take place at a personal meeting in the office, and this is already a temporary limitation. no one wants to make an appointment in 2 weeks. In addition, given that the audience was the target, the client has already sold out everything.

By the way, the client ordered advertising from an Australian company, and they made requests for $ 180.

The result of our work:
  • 147 applications
  • $7381.46 budget spent
  • Sale for $28.4 million
Also we received a letter of thanks :)

Instead of a conclusion.

This is far from the first foreign project in which we were able to achieve superior results despite different languages, mentality and culture in advertising.

We are still working with the client. Every time when new houses appear on sale, he turns to us :) Also, now the client turned to us to create an online school of investors, also in English.

Working on the project
  • Airat
  • Evgeniy